• Login Issues? A- make sure username and password are correct and do not copy and paste information
    • Confirm Registration? A-you should have received an email confirmation. (If you don’t see it, check your spam folder)
    • Where do I login? A- can login through our website @
    • Never got an email confirmation? A- check your spam folder or typo in email address. If you have a typo, contact
    •  Deadline to register? A- May 26
    •  Can I change divisions? A- Yes, you can change but positions will be locked on the deadline day, May 26
    • How do I replace a teammate on my team? A-This feature is only available to the Team Captain of your team.
        1. Log into Competition Corner (
      1. 2. Go to ‘My Competitions”
      1. 3. Locate your event and click ‘View Roster’
      1. 4. Click the ‘Replace’ icon next to the athlete and enter the new Athlete.
      1. 5. If you need to replace yourself, email us at


    1. · Parking? A- free parking in the surroundings area and across the street from parc international
    2. · Address and location? A- 200 Garfield St, Lafayette. Parc International in downtown Lafayette
    3. · Refund policy? A- no refunds will be available after purchasing for the competition
    4. · Age requirements? A- no specific age requirement
    5. · Where can I find the leaderboard? A-
    6. · Who do I contact for support? A-
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